Who Are We.

MAZE Studio was founded in 2015 with the sole purpose to bring art and business solutions to our clients. We pride ourselves in our creative, innovative, and professional solutions when tackling on any new projects. When you ask MAZE Studio to take on your new project, you are asking a diverse, veteran team with a cummulative experience ranging from working with industry heavy weights such as DC Comics, Marvel Entertainment, Hasbro, Lucasfilm, Disney, and much more. Our process, approach, goal and mission set us apart in this industry.

Our Process.

At MAZE Studio, our art process is simple and efficient. Firest is inspiration, this helps us get an idea of the direction. Second is percolation, we create various sketches and write down the inspirations. Third is preparation, the time spent obtaining and organizing the supplies and blueprints. Fourth is creation, it is where we make it happen! And last is reflection, where we analyze and reflect on the final product.

Our Approach.

Every project we approach we always define the groundwork, scope, resources, schedule, communication plan, delivery and review. Our team follows these simple guidelines to ensure a professional and quality product upon delivery.


Our Goal.

Our goal when creating every product is provide high end art work and make sure that thehe design process itself enjoyable for our clients.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to provide art and business solutions for our clients with creativity, innovation and professionalism.

Meet Our Team.

Omi Remalante

Lead Colorist

Omi started coloring professionally for 6 years now. His regular clients are Valiant Entertainment, Dynamite Entertainment, Image Comics. Aside from digital coloring, he also draws traditionally and colors traditionally using Copics, water colors, colored pencils.

Tirso Llaneta

Lead Penciller

From working professionally with local indie comics to lay-out animations, most notably for Walt Disney’s movie Ariel’s beginning, Tirso began his career in comics in 1993. Through self-study, he has fostered his gift by constantly practicing and learning. His biggest art influeces are Jim Lee, Olivier Coipel, Greg Land, Jerome Opena and Sara Pichelli.

Hugh Rookwood


Hugh is a professional illustrator that strongly resonates with the comic book industry, from working on countless projects such as children’s books, comic covers, commission work, editorial work, logo design, tattoo art, book covers and toy designs. Some of his published works are “Apocalypse 4” and “Tiesha in the Land of Faraway”

Marvin Mariano


Marvin is a professional illustrator and tattoo artist. His career and experience has grown and been fostered by working with for clients such as Hasbro, Mattel, Marvel, DC Comics, and much more.