Reaching for the Stars

Sometimes reaching for the stars is not so farfetched when you have friends to help support you up.


  • Dream and Imagination

  • Help each other

  • Society

There are many reasons why we choose to keep on dreaming and reaching for that star, but I hope that the main take away from these (and again the main reason art is so great) it is because it says a thousand words!


If you follow your dreams, it would be because you aknowledge that you have a choice. YOu would be following a true calling,


Now I am not talking about magic or woogey stuff.


Now let me tell you where I got this idea.

I have listened to podcast and read numerous books, everything that can summarize what you think to what can eb made in life.


One thing kept resonating with me all across.

We as peaople are a social species

We learn from each other

We help each other

that is a fact.

Now what makes our life experiecnes so great ad unique is that wee have the power to choose what we want to do and believe.

now who else gets that freedom.


I truely believe that we all should be reaching for that star. For that dream.

For that goal. For that change we wish to make.

Now I am an optimist

So what.

Why we created this piece and what message were we trying to spread?

This illustration came from a very passionate place.

It is one of those moments when you look around and where it feels like you are constantly running.

Almost when you say that I can do it all on my own.


But let’s face it. In reality, not one single one of us can be


If you truely want to be successful, one of the key take aways as human being, is that we need each other. Facts are facts, no one can

We push each other to success. And are never threatened by the success of others. Instead they motivate each other to be the best version of themselves.


And this is also to all the dreamers