Do you think a movie could change how you feel?

Do you think a movie could change how you feel?

I may be biased when I say this…

But , The Greatest Showman, is one of the greatest movies of all time 

That may be because I got so caught in it’s “magic”

Now you ask "why would a musical about a circus be such a great movie?"

Aside from the amazing music and acting, the story and it's message captivated me from start to end!

But it could be because it resonated so much with my core beliefs.. 

These are a few of the messages that I got from the movie: 

  • Only you can make the most out of your life
  • You have to take risks
  • Success takes time, but happiness doesn’t
  • Love those you love unconditionally and unapologetically
  • You’ll face criticism - If you’re good enough, nothing else matters
  • The only thing that stands between you and happiness is yourself
  • We are humans and make mistakes

But the list really does go on! 

It is so hard to find a movie that moves you or shifts you in a different direction and I can say this was one of them. 

And what I really love the most, is that I am believer that people move through stories. Movies are now our modern version of story telling. (let that sink in and think about how they used to pass on stories and lessons (200 years ago, 1000 years ago... 10,000?)

And this one had a tremendous amount of value for me and my team...

If you have watched this movie, what were your main takeaways and what did you think?! (email me back! I will reply!)

IF you haven’t, this is one of those few times I will say it, GO WATCH IT! (and if you do, still let me know what you thought)

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