Let me tell you why I LOVE the conventions so much!

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to be part of the Calgary Holiday Expo (a smaller Holiday show)

I had a few MAZERs stop by and chat with me.

But there was one dude that stood out the most.

And that was Ethan!

This little dude stopped by our booth to say Hi and show me his portfolio.

Now I need to share with you this guy’s talent!

And he even had done a short comic for his school project.

I was mind blown already that such an amazing kid had so much talent.

But what made my mind spiral even more after all that, was that he came with a gift.

This AMAZING Venom piece!

Now I cannot tell you enough how thankful I felt and incredibly excited I got.

I never had a fan gift me a piece of art that they drew themselves.

That alone has made my team and I feel so thankful for our fans and our community.

Ethan is a perfect example of the people we want to connect with.

This is why we do all of this. For our fans and our community.

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