Spider-man, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America…

I literally cannot recall of a past without these.

Now, why am I even saying this?

Well these ideas and characters were created or co-created by the man, Stan Lee.

Through his story telling, he did not just make super heroes.

He created characters that were flawed and human just like us.

X-Men dealt through symbolism with issues of racism

Spider-man dealt with day to day problems of real people

Captain America a propaganda character for WW2 transformed to questioning the senseless of a war where you people die.

And these are just a few of so many…

I look at today and see his legacy.

It is everywhere.

Comics, Books, television, movies, toys… but that is not even the craziest part….

Think of how many people have been inspired!

A kid or adult now watch a Marvel movie in awe!

How many people have changed their lives or come to some sort of realization of change?

I cannot even imagine.

People learn through myths, metaphors… stories.

Stan Lee was a teacher who helped shape our years and will for many future generations.

And for that I am extremely thankful and only wished to share this with you.

As a tribute to Stan Lee and to all the fans out there, we created this tribute to Stan Lee.

It is our gift and our best way to pay respect.


-Walid and the MAZE Teamore’s blog.

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