Page Sample Process (Page 3)
Thank you for stopping and having interest in our upcoming comic, The Mistakes Issue 1!
We wanted to share the process from layouts to colors with you and share the amount of work that goes into each page that we create. The whole process was done with Dan Borgonos(penciller) and Walid Issa (director).
1) We start with creating the layouts to get the general sense of the whole page.
2) Once the layouts are approved, Dan get's complete freedom to go ahead and do the pencils/inks
3) Sometime you cannot get the full sense from just the layouts and you fully are able to tell what the artists understood from the script. We would of jumped right to colors, but we still needed to tweak this page. Notes were created for the next revision.
4) Boom! A new revised pencil / ink are created and approved! Dan is the Man and completely nailed every note.
5) From there, we move on to the flats.